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    Why Your Pharmacy Definitely Needs a New POS System

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    Pharmacy pos

    Let’s face it: running a small business is difficult enough as it is, and an independent pharmacy presents even more challenges. If you’re one of the hundreds of independent pharmacy owners in the U.S., you probably struggle with all of these challenges on a daily basis. And the problem is, all of these little challenges quickly add up and make it even more difficult to compete with bigger, chain pharmacies.

    But there’s something you can do to make sure that your pharmacy doesn’t fall behind: replace your old POS system with one of the newer retail pharmacy POS systems that are now widely available to independent business owners.

    Specialized pharmacy POS software is able to handle all the normal POS software functions, like processing transactions and tracking sales information, while giving pharmacists

    Myths About Structured Settlements Debunked

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    Structured settlement brokers

    Many people may not know the various financial products out there on the market today — there are quite a few, to be sure. But one financial product out there that has been picking up steam lately is a structured settlement.

    What is a structured settlement? When a plaintiff settles a court case, they are awarded a large sum of money which is often in the form of a structured settlement lump sum. The plaintiff may decide that they don’t want this lump sum, and instead will opt for the settlement to be paid over time.

    Structured settlements are mostly used in product liability or injury cases, but are not uncommon for those who win the lottery and want to receive payments in increments. More than a third of all personal injury claimants are offered a structured settleme

    Should You Invest in Commercial Real Estate

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    How to invest in reits

    IBIS World reports that the commercial real estate industry is worth an estimated $945 billion U.S. in the United States alone. Commercial real estate, or property strictly used for business purposes, can describe everything from restaurant space to a shopping mall. It also offers investors a number of advantages, such as a constant cash inflow due to rental and other resident fees, including parking and vending charges. But if you’re interested in investing in commercial real estate for the first time, it can be difficult to find the right opportunity to begin. This is why working with a professional can be helpful, making companies like American Real Estate Partners, led by President and Chief Operating Office