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    The Basics of Buying Annuities

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    Structured settlement funding companies

    What Are Annuities?: First off, most people think of an annuity as a sort of paycheck during retirement — except your young self is essentially paying your older self, by making an investment with one of many structured settlement companies, and then taking back your own money (with interest).

    Second, some people choose to treat annuities more like investments rather than complete retirement plans, but this is a much riskier option because it depends more on the economy and the stock market than on early planning for guaranteed investments.

    Weighing the Positives With the Negatives: For people who are used to receiving a regular paycheck and want to have someone else providing some financial guidance (we all know how easy it is to blow your m

    One Major POS Problem That Many Small Businesses Encounter

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    Pharmacy pos software 2014

    As far as retail POS systems go, there are a few common problems that business owners often experience, regardless of whether they’re using POS software designed for a clothing store with multiple locations or a retail pharmacy POS system designed specifically for small, independent drugstores.

    Small businesses that go through a period of sudden growth may find that one problem is more prevalent and more difficult to fix than other technical issues — and we’re talking about…

    Storage Capacity Limitations

    If you’ve noticed that your POS system is significantly slower than normal, the first thing to do is check how much storage space is being used. As more space i