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    Why Your Business Should Have Separate Credit Cards

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    Merchant services companies

    When opening a small business, many entrepreneurs choose to do much of their business shopping with a dedicated business credit card. There are many advantages to using a business credit card.

    Using a credit card for all your business purchases is an easy way to keep track of all your transactions. While you should still keep your receipts, credit card statements simplify working capital management. In addition to being a good record of company spending, small business credit cards can increase the company’s credit score, and many credit card companies offer benefits and incentives for card use. From a small percentage of cash back on certain purchases to point of sale discounts to frequent flier miles, card usage benefits can be a great asset to the company.

    Many merchant card service

    Let Them Do the Work Outsourced Payroll Services

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    Payroll tax withholding calculator

    Of all the departments found in most business, payroll may be the most valued but also the most problematic. Payroll solutions do not come easy. For many businesses, especially small businesses, payroll processing is a frustrating undertaking. For businesses with a small staff and with employers who have little to no training on proper bookkeeping, payroll services can be challenging, if not totally perplexing. This can cause several problems, especially when dealing with government agencies like the Canada Revenue Agency.

    There are, however, several options for business owners struggling with payroll issues. One of the more popular ones is o

    Three Services that Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing Can Cover for Your Business

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    Accept credit cards online

    While most businesses that accept credit cards do so in person, there are some types of businesses that need to take payments in other ways. If you’re a business owner, there may be times when you find yourself accepting payments over the internet or by phone — as long as you have the right system in place.

    One of the services you may have heard of is virtual terminal credit card processing. Using virtual terminal credit card processing is simply a way of making payments via the internet, whether or not a card is physically prese