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    Why You Should Be Banking Online

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    Professional loans

    Managing finances can be tough, but it’s also essential. Most people have difficulty trying to find a bank and types of accounts that work for them, but one important thing to look for in a bank is the ability to do your banking online. Online banking savings rates are usually more attractive than other types of banking rates. Here are three of the most common benefits of choosing to do your banking online.

    1. For convenience.
    One of the main reasons that people start doing their banking online is because it’s really convenient. Aside from online banking savings rates, it’s just ea

    Does Your Business Take Card Payments by Phone? Make Sure to Choose the Right Credit Card Virtual Terminal

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    Credit card payment terminal

    These days businesses don’t only accept payments in person and online — there are still plenty of companies that also accept credit card payments over the phone. But in order to accept credit cards by phone, businesses need to have the proper credit card virtual terminal set up to process payments quickly and safely.

    What is a virtual terminal? Virtual terminals are online payment processing services that allow for card not present transactions. Consumers can give businesses the numbers on their credit or debit cards and those payments can be processed inst