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    The Main Tools Used in Business Valuation Methods

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    Business comps

    Business appraisal services don’t seem business value as a black and white issue, unfortunately. The valuation results often depend on the finder’s need for a valuation. In order to measure business worth and value, two factors can change this: how you decide to measure measure the business value and under what circumstances this is done. These are known as the standard of value and the premise of value. The business comps all depend on these two things so let’s look a little deeper at how this is done.

    The Standard of Value
    To go a little deeper in to the definition of this, the standard of value is basically any means by which people measure and communicate value. For example, when you put a price on an item of clothing

    Why Are So Many Retirees Selling Annuity Payments for Cash?

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    Financial management

    Starting in 2017, more than five million pensioners in the United Kingdom will finally be able to sell annuity payments for a lump sum of cash, and financial experts expect many of them to do exactly that. Here in the States, selling your annuity payments is already a common practice, as is getting cash for your structured settlement or lottery windfall.
    As with any other issue, you’ll find plenty of people offering advice on both sides of the issue, should you sell or should you keep your annuity? In England, many retirees were talked into buying low-value annuity products in the 90s, and many are now eager to finally u

    A Beginner’s Guide to Hard Money Loans

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    Hard money loans

    As the saying goes, “You have to have money to make money.” There are variety of ways that entrepreneurs collect the cash needed to run and grow their businesses. This is especially true in the real estate development world, where the investments needed to acquire real estate is rather large. Borrowers may collect funding from banks, mortgage companies, or private parties. Among this list, private party hard money lenders have substantially grown in popularity recently.

    While hard money loan rates are generally higher than traditional loans, there are benefits to using hard money loans that make them attractive to business owners who are looking to raise funding for a property investment, or to acquire a similar large asset. In example, borrowers who do not qualify for banking mortgage loans because