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    Coal Miners Earning Workers’ Compensation

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    Workers’ compensation benefits have been slowly dwindling over the last few years.

    According to, more than 30 states since 2003 have passed laws that reduce benefits for injured workers. These reductions make it difficult for employees to get required medical care and can often become extremely burdensome on themselves and their families.

    Some of the largest workers’ comp cuts came from Arizona, California, Florida, Oklahoma, and a few other states. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that a lot of injured and disabled workers do not even enter the workers’ comp system, as too many benefits have been lost.

    A coal operations worker in Illinois, Steve Emery, is facing loosing his workers’ comp because Governor Bruce Rauner wants to get rid of injur

    Tenant Representation Services Keep You From Getting Screwed

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    Commercial real estate

    According to the stuffy real estate experts who sometimes write about these issues, tenant representation services help clients with things like situation analysis, option development, and project implementation. They help prospective corporate tenants access market information when negotiating leases, and act as a proxy to achieve the most equitable solution.
    Which is all a very fancy way of saying not much of anything.
    So let’s translate the benefits of tenant representation services into plain English.
    Why are tenant re

    Three Reasons You Should be Outsourcing Your Payroll

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    Payroll outsourcing

    Running a business can be exhausting at times, especially when it comes time to break out the payroll processing system. It may seem like a constant, never ending headache that you can’t get rid of, but there may be a solution out there for you. Countless business owners have taken the initiative to outsource this process and save hours of stress. If you’re on the fence about switching, here are three reasons outsourcing payroll could benefit your business and your personal health.

    More Focus on Core Business

    Payroll is a necessary and important function in business, but it’s not