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    What Is My Business Worth?

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    Business valuation ebitda

    Business valuation is all about keeping a steady gaze on your ongoing figures. The market stops for no one, after all, and even a minor lapse in attention can mean some serious catch-up down the road. Thankfully, small business valuations are made a lot easier with current technology. From calculators to small business valuation appraisal, the sky’s the limit for determining what your business is worth and how it fares in a competitive marketplace. When more and more people are turning to their banks to assist with everything from loans to financial advice, it’s imperative you stay on top of what the

    Are You Getting Ready to Sell or Buy a Business at the Beginning of the New Year?

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    Business valuation calculator

    While the rest of your family was out trying to catch the biggest Black Friday deals, you were home crunching numbers. In an attempt to continue your investigation for your new business options, you have been making comparisons of small company valuation estimates that you have received. Your plan is to open a small website design company. And while you initially thought that you would start from scratch, you recently have found a couple of already running businesses that may be a better way to start.
    Seeking advice from a local banker who is helping you explore small business valuations in the area, you are hoping to h

    The Top Five Reasons To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

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    Commercial real estate investing basics

    How many reasons to invest in commercial real estate are out there? Well, that depends on how ambitious you are. Despite some doomsday prophecies suggesting a floundering market and uncertain future, industry statistics have never looked better than they do now. More and more investors are finding even more reasons to invest in commercial real estate and the last thing you want to do is fall behind in the competition. If you’re looking for some investing basics to get you started, check out the top five list below.

    Hard Money

    The first thing you need to get