Three Services that Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing Can Cover for Your Business

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    Accept credit cards online

    While most businesses that accept credit cards do so in person, there are some types of businesses that need to take payments in other ways. If you’re a business owner, there may be times when you find yourself accepting payments over the internet or by phone — as long as you have the right system in place.

    One of the services you may have heard of is virtual terminal credit card processing. Using virtual terminal credit card processing is simply a way of making payments via the internet, whether or not a card is physically prese

    Three Key Technologies That May Save Foundering Businesses

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    List of international currencies

    Are you risking the future of your business with outdated technologies and inefficient software? According to Forbes, at least 80% of startup businesses fail within 18 months or less. Although there are a lot of different factors that come into play, entrepreneurs and new business owners are — overwhelmingly — making the very same mistake. Relying on outdated software can very well contribute to the downfall of your new business. Here are three key technologies where you do not want to skimp on costs:

    Flexible Mobile Payments Solutions

    Consumers are demanding greater freedoms when it comes to making payments. For that reason, it is impera