Three Business Valuation Approaches

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    Valuation small business

    There are a lot of reasons you’d need a good business valuation tool. Maybe you inherited a business and need to determine its value to pay taxes. Maybe you’re getting a divorce and need to determine the value of your business to divide your assets evenly. Maybe you’re going out of business and your assets will be used to settle your debts.

    Each of these examples require a valuation that is basically a different view of the same business, and require a different business valuation method. In fact, the reason you need your business valuation tool dictates the method that the small business valuation tool should use to determine what your business is worth, and the method that is used to determin

    The Importance of Professional Small Business Valuations

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    Small business valuation multiples by industry

    Small business valuations are a mystery to many small business owners. They may have no idea how to value a company in a way that will be meaningful to creditors or investors. It is important to become clear on how the process works in order to truly understand the important role a professional can play in the process of small business valuations.

    What is Small Business Valuation?

    The process of small business valuation is essentially an exercise in economic analysis. One of the most important factors in determining the value of a company is found in the analysis of their financial information.

    Business owners will need to have two key financial statements in order for the process to begin; an income statement and balance sheet. Ideally, these will be