When Was the Last Time You Consulted Your Insurance Provider About Tapping Into Those Resources?

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The large wet spot on the ceiling above the downstairs bathroom is just the last of a long list of problems. You simply wanted to replace the old, and in some spots torn, linoleum in the house. The laundry room, the guest room bathroom, and the bathroom between the other two upstairs bathrooms have shown more wear than other places in the house, and the installation of luxury vinyl flooring seemed like a good option.
After pricing several options you went with a big box retailer for the project. From the beginning, however, the process was cumbersome. One contractor calling to schedule the installation, another contractor calling to schedule the delivery. When you realized that the installation contractor actually subcontracted the work out to another team the real problems began. This morning when you noticed the 12 inch wet spot on the ceiling you knew that you could not even call your husband. Out of town for the third week in a row and the morning after your youngest daughter f