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    Young Girl Dies at Hand of Inexperience Pharmacy Tech

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    Too many retail, outpatient, and hospital pharmacies place all responsibilities on doctors, leaving pharmacies inadequately equipped and staffed. Pharmacies, including pharmacy point of sale software and pharmacy training, can play an equally large role in patients’ well-being. In fact — in Ohio — a series of pharmacy errors resulted in the death of two year old girl, Emily Jerry. “My beautiful Emily’s death was senseless and preventable,” her father, Chris Jerry, writes on The Emily Jerry Foundation, a website dedicated to her memory.

    What Happened to Emily?

    Doctors had recently declared Emily free of cancer, after nearly six months of hospital care and chemotherapy treatments. Hospital staff ordered one final round of chemotherapy — just to make certain that t

    Quality Accounting Is Important for Small Businesses

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    Do you run a small business and you need to rework how your finances are managed? Perhaps you manage a non-for-profit that could use some consultation regarding the handling and allocation of funds. In either case, you may need an accountant who can assess your finances and help you to file your taxes properly.

    The word “tax” itself is derived from the Latin word that is translated in English as “I estimate.” But why is finding an accountant who distinctly qualified so important? In order to make sure that your company sends all of its tax information accurately and to the necessary parties, the “language of business” as it is sometimes called is used by good accounta

    Three Key Technologies That May Save Foundering Businesses

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    Are you risking the future of your business with outdated technologies and inefficient software? According to Forbes, at least 80% of startup businesses fail within 18 months or less. Although there are a lot of different factors that come into play, entrepreneurs and new business owners are — overwhelmingly — making the very same mistake. Relying on outdated software can very well contribute to the downfall of your new business. Here are three key technologies where you do not want to skimp on costs:

    Flexible Mobile Payments Solutions

    Consumers are demanding greater freedoms when it comes to making payments. For that reason, it is impera