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    Why Hiring an Accountant Can Actually Save Your Small Business Money

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    New jersey accounting

    When it comes time to file taxes each year, Americans hire more than 1 million financial management professionals to help them, and with good reason: In the past 100 years, the number of pages in the tax code has increased by 16,775%. With everything else small businesses need to manage, navigating small business taxes is sometimes best left to the pros.

    Tax and Accounting Services

    If you’re already overwhelmed by your company’s financial concerns, you may be worrying: How much does it cost to hire an accountant? But outsourcing accounting or tax prep can actually save you money in the long run. Someone who has spent years studying small businesse

    Does Your Business Accept Credit Cards by Phone or Online? Look for These Three Things When Selecting a Payment Processor

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    Online card payment processing

    Does your business accept credit cards by phone or on the internet? Or, if not, would you like your company to start offering this service? If this sounds like something you need to boost your revenue, then you also need the right credit payment processing provider to allow you to use these solutions.

    Without the right payment processing company, you could run into a variety of problems, namely the security, service, and fees you encounter when you use merchant card services for phone and internet. While electronic payment solutions, better known as virtual terminals, are handy for business, they can come with some risks.

    Not sure if you’ve chosen the right agency to help you accept credit cards by phone and online? Here are some things to watch out for wen you choose a payment proces