Does Your Business Accept Credit Cards by Phone or Online? Look for These Three Things When Selecting a Payment Processor

Online card payment processing

Does your business accept credit cards by phone or on the internet? Or, if not, would you like your company to start offering this service? If this sounds like something you need to boost your revenue, then you also need the right credit payment processing provider to allow you to use these solutions.

Without the right payment processing company, you could run into a variety of problems, namely the security, service, and fees you encounter when you use merchant card services for phone and internet. While electronic payment solutions, better known as virtual terminals, are handy for business, they can come with some risks.

Not sure if you’ve chosen the right agency to help you accept credit cards by phone and online? Here are some things to watch out for wen you choose a payment processor:

    1. Security: When you accept credit cards online or by phone, you may end up needing what’s known as high risk merchant services. These services can catch fraudulent transactions before they complete, and they can help keep your business safe. When choosing a payment processor, always elect for a service that will ensure the safety of your customer’s data and your business in the event of a bad payment. Because online payments are growing by billions of dollars in revenue each year, it’s important to stay safe when accepting these payments.

    2. Service: Accepting credit and debit cards for “card not present” transactions can come with its hiccups, so it’s crucial to know about the level of service you receive from your payment solutions agency. If you ever encounter any problems, you’ll want to speak to a real, live person ASAP — not a machine. Additionally, your payment processor should be able to allow you to change or upgrade your capabilities at any time, including allowing for mobile payment processing if you have a brick and mortar business, too. These types of terminals are 100% secure, and they can save money for small businesses.

    3. Fees: Payment processors typically derive their fees from a small portion of each transaction you take. This is the reason that some businesses set a minimum transaction amount in their stores, and it’s also why some companies that accept credit cards by phone or online will also pass a fee onto the customers. In order to avoid these fees, which can lead to some seriously dissatisfied customers, select a payment solutions company with the lowest fees available, all while maintaining the service and security you need.

    Have more questions about selecting a payment processing company? Be sure to search online to find out which ones have everything you need and more. Leave a comment below if you have questions about finding a great company that will provide your small business with the payment solutions it needs. Visit here for more:

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