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    Who Owns Annuities? And Are They Right for You?

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    Buying annuities

    Annuities are one of the most talked about and debated forms of preparation for retirement. What are annuities? They’re basically just a type of insurance product that eventually help people manage their money in retirement. So who is actually buying annuities? A few different groups.

    Most non qualified annuity owners, about 80% of them, have household incomes that come in below $100,000. A non qualified annuity is one in which the owner pays taxes on the funds going into it before it goes into the annuity. Additionally, most owners of non qualified annuities are women.

    The people who do own annuities are very loyal to their purchase. In fact, more than 90% of people who own an annuity still own their first one and buy it to begin with to help fund their retirements.

    Annuities have their advan

    Why Patients Are Willing To Risk the Dangers of Online Pharmacies

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    Pharmacy pos software service

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t exactly hide the fact that purchasing prescription drugs online is a very risky thing; in fact, the FDA doesn’t approve most of the drugs sold by online pharmacies because it has no way to control sales and monitor the quality of the prescriptions. With all of the warnings patients see, it’s hard to believe that online pharmacies would even still be in business. But they are, and patients continue ordering their medications online.

    Pharmacy owners — legitimate pharmacy owners — are left wondering one question: Why?

    1. Trustworthy online pharmacies do exist. And yes, this is enough to convince people that ordering medications online is safe. The FDA has general guidelines to help patients determin

    Three Industries That Can Benefit from Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing

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    Mobile payment

    If you run a business, you know that making money is priority number one. In order to keep the cash coming in, though, you may find that you need to be flexible in terms of how your customers can pay you. And sometimes taking payments in person isn’t an option.

    However, modern payment processing solutions offer businesses the chance to accept credit cards and debit cards by phone and online for card not present transactions. This online payment service — known as virtual terminal credit card processing — gives businesses the opportunity to grow, and it offers plenty of convenience for customers, too.

    Which industries can benefit from virtual terminal credit card processing? There are all sorts of businesses that could use this service. If your company runs any of the following businesses or service