Why Patients Are Willing To Risk the Dangers of Online Pharmacies

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t exactly hide the fact that purchasing prescription drugs online is a very risky thing; in fact, the FDA doesn’t approve most of the drugs sold by online pharmacies because it has no way to control sales and monitor the quality of the prescriptions. With all of the warnings patients see, it’s hard to believe that online pharmacies would even still be in business. But they are, and patients continue ordering their medications online.

Pharmacy owners — legitimate pharmacy owners — are left wondering one question: Why?

  1. Trustworthy online pharmacies do exist. And yes, this is enough to convince people that ordering medications online is safe. The FDA has general guidelines to help patients determine if an online pharmacy service is safe, but like in any other fraudulent business industry, bad pharmacies have a knack for looking like very trustworthy businesses.

  2. Online pharmacies often sell prescriptions at much cheaper prices. Let’s face it: Americans haven’t been in the best financial situation for the better part of a decade. Many people are still pinching pennies, and when they find out that they can get the same product at a greatly reduced price, they’re less likely to stop and think about whether the price is just too good to be true.

  3. Online pharmacies claim to sell drugs that aren’t available in the U.S. This often pertains to “experimental” medications that have been approved for use in other countries, but which still haven’t been fully approved in the U.S. But when someone is really sick and nothing seems to be helping, that person is more likely to turn to alternative medical solutions — regardless of the risks.

As more people learn about the dangers of online pharmacies, fewer people are taking the risk of ordering drugs online. Nevertheless, many pharmacies are still trying to improve their services in order to give patients more support. Many pharmacies offer simple services like flu shots and vaccines, and POS system manufacturers have begun creating POS systems specifically equipped with retail pharmacy software integration, which allows pharmacy owners to give their customers personalized care at affordable prices.

It will take some teamwork and dedication, but online pharmacies can certainly be eradicated; it isn’t just about edging out the competition — it’s about making healthcare safer and more accessible for everyone. See this reference for more: www.rm-solutions.com

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