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    5 Ways You Can Get the Right Merchant Service Provider

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    Most shoppers use either a debit or credit card when making purchases. It has been estimated that at least 70% of all adults in the United States carry at least one credit card. When asked about their shopping preferences, about 43% of American consumers said they used their debit card, 35% said they use a credit card and 9% say they only use cash. This is according to a TSYS survey of one thousand consumers who had both kinds of cards. The survey was done in 2014. Businesses today have to take credit cards to be competitive and that requires finding the right merchant service provider and using the right merchant services software.

    1. Determine what your needs are. Before you set out to get any merchant services software or talk to a business merchant services company, you need to d

    Simple Tips For Getting Started In Commercial Real Estate

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    Are you interested in real estate? Consider meeting with a commercial real estate investment company and asking about their available options. The United States is going through significant economic and cultural shifts and this is most noticeable in the living patterns modern Americans are choosing for themselves. Whether it’s helping an entrepreneur find a proper space for their new restaurant or learning how to take advantage of tax breaks, there’s always something new to learn in the dynamic field of real estate and business.

    How Is Commercial Real Estate Faring?

    Did you know commercial real estate sales have increa

    Three Benefits for Small Businesses When Outsourcing Payroll and Paying Workers from Another Country

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    When using workers from another country, it is important for companies to make sure they are exercising foreign employment compliance. This can be tricky when dealing with paying employees who live in a different country, since the taxes that are associated with paying them are likely different. It is time-consuming for employers to learn all these differences, and keep up on ever-changing laws as well. Small businesses often do not have time for this, and can even lose money in the process. Here are three benefits that all employers should consider when it comes to paying their workers who reside in a different country.

    Outsourcing Payroll is a Simpler Option for Both the Company and the Employee

    Small businesses (defined as organizations with less than 50 employees)