Three Benefits for Small Businesses When Outsourcing Payroll and Paying Workers from Another Country

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When using workers from another country, it is important for companies to make sure they are exercising foreign employment compliance. This can be tricky when dealing with paying employees who live in a different country, since the taxes that are associated with paying them are likely different. It is time-consuming for employers to learn all these differences, and keep up on ever-changing laws as well. Small businesses often do not have time for this, and can even lose money in the process. Here are three benefits that all employers should consider when it comes to paying their workers who reside in a different country.

Outsourcing Payroll is a Simpler Option for Both the Company and the Employee

Small businesses (defined as organizations with less than 50 employees), will find that outsourcing employee payroll to another company will save them both time and money in the long run. This is because companies that deal with employees from different countries must be careful of foreign employment compliance. This can be a tricky matter to undertake, since payroll in another country, such as Canada, for example, is not the same as payroll in the US. There are different laws about what type of taxes must be taken out. Figuring out how to pay employees can be tricky, but payroll companies can take care of this problem, allowing the business to focus on their work.

Payroll Companies Can Provide More Than Just Assistance in Paying Employees

Outsourced payroll providers can offer help besides payment for employees. In fact, many offer assistance in human resources matters, as well as policies relating to OSHA. Since employers can direct their workers to a neutral, outside third-party for assistance, this saves a lot of time on addressing issues with an employee. Time is a precious commodity for small business owners, and many find that giving payroll management to someone else frees them from the worry associated with payment, taxes, and employee questions in relation to their benefits and other information that human resources typically deals with. It is also less time consuming for the employer to worry about when the employee will get paid, leaving this to the company, and directing the employee to them if they have any issues about not receiving their payments on time.

Using a Payroll Company Can Open Up a Talent Pool Through Different Countries

Many employers are wary of dealing with foreign employment compliance, because they aren?t sure of the rules and regulations surrounding it. Employers may find talented individuals residing in other countries, but are worried that by employing them, they will be opening themselves up to risk when it comes to payroll deductions, taxes, and other similar issues. It might be beneficial for a business to develop and expand into other countries, however. They might also discover employees who are very talented in their work, and who can even provide more benefits to a company, such as bringing on new clients and finding new ways to implement and deliver solutions. Through the help of an outsourced payroll processing company, creativity and expansion to new territories can take place.

There are many reasons to consider outsourcing payroll in order to help a business thrive, especially for companies that are interested in hiring employees from different countries, or those who would like to see expansion within their organization. First, outsourced payroll companies are aware of what it takes to be sure a company is exercising foreign employment compliance, and will be able to practice the laws and regulations to ensure this is being done correctly. Taxes for companies that are in a different country can also be tricky to figure out, and should never be guessed. By leaving this up to a payroll company, it allows the employer to focus on their business. Many payroll companies also offer assistance with human resources and other similar matters, making them a one-stop location for fulfilling employee needs, and leaving less for the employer to do on this end. Finally, for employers who want new talent from different locations, or who wish to increase their business in a specific area, this is an excellent way to gain a foothold in doing so.

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