3 Things You Didn’t Know Payroll Programs Could Do for Small Businesses

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    Are you a small business owner managing your own payroll in-house? If so, you may find that payroll is an entirely separate job unto itself, taking up hours of your time each week double-checking time cards and hours, performing calculations on gross vs. net pay, figuring out payroll taxes, and, during certain points in the year, preparing and filing tax returns for your business. That makes you not just a business owner, but an HR specialist, an accountant, and an auditor all rolled into one.

    Some businesses may hire in-house help, but this can be costly if it doesn’t need to be a full-time job. Another option, however, is to outsource these responsibilities to a payroll processing company. Continue Reading No Comments

    Think Big For a Small Business When You Hire a Payroll Service

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    If you’re starting out as a new small business owner, it can be incredibly overwhelming! There’s so much more than just customer service and inventory. You suddenly have to deal with tax forms, hiring and firing employees, and perhaps the hardest: payroll. You’ll find out there’s more aspects to it than just cutting cheques. In Canada, there are almost 200 legislative requirements that regulate payroll processing. That’s crazy! So what do you do? One great option is to outsource to payroll providers or payroll companies, who do this for a living. It can cost as little as $75 a month for a small business to use payroll services.
    Well What’s Involved In Payroll?
    Although the Canadian government releases updated payroll deduction tables regularly to help employers figure out ho