3 Things You Didn’t Know Payroll Programs Could Do for Small Businesses

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Are you a small business owner managing your own payroll in-house? If so, you may find that payroll is an entirely separate job unto itself, taking up hours of your time each week double-checking time cards and hours, performing calculations on gross vs. net pay, figuring out payroll taxes, and, during certain points in the year, preparing and filing tax returns for your business. That makes you not just a business owner, but an HR specialist, an accountant, and an auditor all rolled into one.

Some businesses may hire in-house help, but this can be costly if it doesn’t need to be a full-time job. Another option, however, is to outsource these responsibilities to a payroll processing company. Payroll service providers can perform all of the above tasks to ensure that businesses can avoid costly audits or even disgruntled employees who haven’t been paid on time!

Payroll programs like the ones above take the guess-work out of these routine responsibilities. This frees up business owners and other employees to focus on core business tasks rather than having to study payroll laws and regulations or go over payroll deductions tables again and again.

Other services that payroll programs can assist with include:

  • Dedicated payroll specialists: Payroll is often its own specialty, so why not hire the professionals with the experience you need? Outsourcing your payroll also means not having to review resumes and manage an entire payroll department, which can open up money in the budget for your business’s other needs.
  • Payroll software solutions: Whether you just need to log employees’ work hours or you’d like to keep records for your own review, there are plenty of payroll software programs out there that can work in conjunction with the services from your payroll provider.
  • Tax prep and filing: Unless you happen to be a CPA, you may not understand exactly what needs to go into your business’s tax returns — and that’s okay. By enrolling in a payroll program, you can get the help you need and avoid the chance of getting audited over a simple and honest mistake.

Have more questions about outsourcing your payroll responsibilities? Get in touch with a qualified payroll service today, or leave a comment below if you’re on the hunt for payroll outsourcing.

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