Why Are So Many Retirees Selling Annuity Payments for Cash?

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    Financial management

    Starting in 2017, more than five million pensioners in the United Kingdom will finally be able to sell annuity payments for a lump sum of cash, and financial experts expect many of them to do exactly that. Here in the States, selling your annuity payments is already a common practice, as is getting cash for your structured settlement or lottery windfall.
    As with any other issue, you’ll find plenty of people offering advice on both sides of the issue, should you sell or should you keep your annuity? In England, many retirees were talked into buying low-value annuity products in the 90s, and many are now eager to finally u

    Annuities and Settlements The Chutes and Ladders of the Financial World

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    Sell annuity payments

    There is no doubt that many Americans face financial uncertainty in their future. As the cost of living increases year-by-year, up to 40% of families in the United States spend more money than they are able to make. Receiving a large influx of cash through structured settlements or a lottery annuity could help struggling Americans see an end to their financial worries.

    Settling Out of Court

    Filing a lawsuit is becoming all too common in today’s world, and for good reason. Medical malpractice, auto injury, and workplace accidents can all lead to hefty structured settlements for victims and their families. Rather than being paid out in a single lump sum, Continue Reading No Comments