Annuities and Settlements The Chutes and Ladders of the Financial World

Sell annuity payments

There is no doubt that many Americans face financial uncertainty in their future. As the cost of living increases year-by-year, up to 40% of families in the United States spend more money than they are able to make. Receiving a large influx of cash through structured settlements or a lottery annuity could help struggling Americans see an end to their financial worries.

Settling Out of Court

Filing a lawsuit is becoming all too common in today’s world, and for good reason. Medical malpractice, auto injury, and workplace accidents can all lead to hefty structured settlements for victims and their families. Rather than being paid out in a single lump sum, most take the form of structured settlement annuity payments over the course of several years. While this can provide a steady stream of income for many families, most people expect immediate compensation and are simply unable to wait for their money.

Winning Big Lottery Bucks

The lottery is the most popular form of gambling in the United States. Like structured settlements, the lottery pays out in the form of an annuity. Lottery payments from Powerball take the form of an initial payment followed by annual payments that increase by 5% per year over the course of 25 years. Unfortunately, many people fail to consider taxes when staring at the jackpot numbers: the federal government immediately takes 25% of the winnings for tax purposes. Additional fees are taken out for state taxes, annual maintenance, early withdraws, and just about any reason one could imagine. After waiting for 25 years, many lottery winners are left with little to nothing of their millions.

How to Sell Your Structured Settlement or Annuity

There are many businesses that specialize in exchanging annual payments from settlements and annuities for lump sum payouts. While the money in your pocket will not be the same figure you were expecting from your settlement or lottery winnings, for those Americans facing crippling debt or out of control financial issues the cash in-hand when you sell your structured settlement or annuity will be worth far more than promises on paper. Get out of debt and regain control of your life: sell your structured settlement or annuity payments today!

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