Trinidad Banking is Easy with Credit Unions

Credit unions in trinidad and tobago

Those looking for credit unions in trinidad and tobago are in luck. Recent changes to national law have made credit unions legal for expansion of Trinidad mortgages and Trinidad loans. Eastern Credit Union, one of the largest in the English speaking Caribbean, can help residents with their Trinidad banking needs.

Eastern Credit Union is one of the six largest credit unions to serve Trinidad banking needs, with assets from 200 million to 750 million TT dollars. These account for over half of the assets for Trinidad and Tobago credit unions, and the largest 17 accounts are over three quarters of assets. Trinidad banking is very liquid indeed.

Of many of the credit unions that practice Trinidad banking, Eastern Credit Union has positioned itself as the strongest. With an asset base of over 1.5 trillion TT dollars, and 300 personnel, Eastern Credit Union is the only credit union with a call center of its own.

Eastern Credit Union has had over 40 years in the Trinidad banking. Backed by its liquidity, it aims to serve for another 40 years. Residents who have never tried a credit union should become a shareholder today, and see what difference it makes. Continue:

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