Risk Management With Investments

China and international tax advisory services

An estimated 28.5 thousand people are employed by the Chinese accounting industry. A part of these services include business advisory, business tax services, internal audit counseling, and accounting tax services. Non-CPA firms in China offer services like bookkeeping, company secretarial work, year-end financial reporting, and general accounting services. There is a certain amount of risk that goes into working within the accounting world and one must be able to handle the risk management. Some companies will handle risk management for you as part of their services.

A person who might do this would be a business adviser. They help companies with different points of view on business decisions, accurately delegating work, and also providing valuable financial advice, such as the risk management of a specific investment. Business advisers can help individuals and businesses to develop plans in order to meet specific financial goals. They also help companies identify the risk management associated with several important financial decisions.

Some of the top accounting firms can offer online accountants, tax and accounting services, as well as tax planning services. The standard tax rate for CITs in China is 25%. However, there are certain qualified small, thin profit, and high tech corporations that are available for lower tax rates if they meet the criteria. This CIT rate would then be 15%. The risk management is lower for these companies because they already meet the criteria of being allowed a lowered CIT.

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