Self Directed IRAs Give Owners More Flexibility

Non recourse loan lenders

What is a non recourse loan? A non recourse loan definition, such as a non recourse mortgage loan, is a secured loan. Usually these loans are secured due to collateral that is in the form of property. Non recourse mortgage loan debt is usually limited to 50% or 60% loan to value ratios. You personally cannot be held responsible for a non recourse mortgage loan, or any loan for that matter. Only the property used as collateral will be sold in order to cover the debt associated with the non recourse mortgage loan.

A self directed IRA offers a bit more flexibility than other retirement plans, which gives the owner more control. The self directed IRA lending allows owners to diversify their investments in any way they wish. Many self directed IRAs and owners using self directed IRA to buy real estate. This could pose as a source of constant income flow. Investing in a self directed IRA may help you avoid having to work after you retire.

Approximately 39% of Americans that work feel that they will have to work after they retire in order to maintain comfortable living arrangements. One out of four middle class Americans state that they will need to work until they are 80 in order to comfortably retire. Unfortunately, 2% of American retirees are currently looking for work in the United States. Approximately 24% of retirees are still working full time even after retiring.

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