Cash For Annuity Payments is Easy to Come By

Sell your structured settlements

Hopefully, you will never be a situation in which you are compelled to sue someone or an organization due to a grave injustice but unfortunately, it is not uncommon in the United States. Employer lawsuits in the U.S., for example, have risen by 400% over the past 20 years. Another kind of lawsuit, medical malpractice lawsuits, are also quite prominent. In 2013, medical malpractice suits doled out more than $3.6 billion to thousands of people across the country.

Hopefully, it won’t happen to you — but for thousands of people every year, those expectations went out the window.

Let’s say that you file and win a lawsuit. What’s next? Most court payments, either those delivered in verdicts or in settlements out of court, come in the form of structured settlement annuities (SSA). What is a structured settlement annuity? A SSA is a financial deal in which payments are made annually rather than all at once in the form of a lump sum payout. Sometimes, claimants have to wait a period of time before they can access that money. The waiting option is definitely exacerbated for other kinds of annuities, such as retirement plans. Still, for claimants that have medical bills due to a work-related accident or major credit card debits, waiting for annuity settlement payments is not a great option.

For these reasons and many more, selling your annuity settlement is an ideal option. Cash for annuity payments can be obtained immediately by selling these payments. The sale is made to a third party, usually a financial company, that will receive the payments in place of you. In return, the company will “pay” you your money all at once or partially — whatever you prefer.

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