Are You Ready to Get Settlement Money Now?

Annuity settlement

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. And sometimes you have to be able to spend money to save money. Maddening realizations when you do not have the money you need when you need it. Take, for example, the frustrating proposition of a family who is trying to make plans to travel to Philadelphia to watch their college freshman daughter’s gymnastics meet. The most affordable tickets from the Midwest to the large east coast city were available for $250 a piece. Purchasing three meant that the family was risking $750 on a flight that might not happen based upon whether or not their daughter would make the travel list. For $1100 though the family could purchase three tickets that had no fees for any changes. While tempting to select the lower fare, the wiser decision is to spend more money knowing that the travel plans can be cancelled and used at a later date.
How many times have you found yourself struggling to get by without the money that you need? If you are a person who has money tied up in a structured settlement of some kind, the struggle can be even more frustrating. Rather than having immediate access to money that is rightly yours, you find yourself waiting for meager monthly payments on a lengthy settlement that you agreed to years ago. Doesn’t it make sense instead to get settlement money now instead of letting some large institution benefit from the funds they are keeping for you?
If you could get settlement money now, would you be able to achieve at least one of the following?

  • Pay off high interest credit card debt. Few things are more frustrating than seeing your hard earned cash go toward a seemingly never ending amount of credit card debt. Some of the highest interest cards make it so that the amount you have left to make the monthly minimum payments is too small to make a difference. Rather than collecting a much smaller percentage of interest on a structured settlement annuity while you are at the same time paying high interest rates on credit cards, doesn’t it make sense to get settlement money now so that you can eliminate your monthly high interest payments?
  • Finish a college degree. If you could get settlement money now would you be able to complete the college degree that you started, but never finished? All research indicates that a college degree will mean more money and a better job. The problem for most people unfortunately is that the cost of the degree keeps people from achieving this goal. If, however, you sell your structured settlements, you can afford the degree you have always dreamed of.
  • Pay for your child’s or grandchild’s college education. Perhaps even more exciting than finishing your own college degree, helping your next generation get off to a great start will provide many advantages. Rather than your son or daughter, or grandson or granddaughter, having to rely on student loans and other burdensome financial obligations, you could use your structured settlement money to pay for their college tuition.
  • Take a dream vacation. If you are like many families, you likely struggle for the cash needed to get away and spend quality time together. Taking a pay out for an annuity would allow you to take your children and perhaps even their children on a trip across the country, or an adventure halfway around the globe.
  • Purchase a vacation home. If a one time family trip does not seem like enough, perhaps purchasing a vacation home in the warm weather location is the best option. Having a free place to stay for friends and family who come to visit, can mean more relaxed quality time that you could only dream of in the past.

Nearly 40,000 Americans make use of their structured settlement money every year. Of these 40,000 nearly 95% of these claimants are satisfied with their decision to sell their settlement. What would you do with the lump sum payout of the average structured settlement of $324,000? Whether your money is from the lottery or from a legal settlement, isn’t it time you got the cash you deserve?

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