How Can I Make Payroll Easier?

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It’s been 35 years, but you can still remember the excitement and the drama of pay days when you first started teaching. Back then the secretary or the principal himself would actually walk around the school building delivering the paychecks in white envelopes. The excitement came in when you opened the seal and realized that you had extra duty pay that you had forgotten about from the four basketball concession stands you had worked. The drama came on the one Friday when you did not realize until 4:30 in the afternoon, after the school offices were closed, that you could not find that white envelope with the paycheck on the inside.
Scrambling to find the missing check, and embarrassed at your disorganization, you finally went across the school and told your friend in the math department what had happened. She offered to come over and help look, and within minutes she was able to locate the check. She decided to start looking by the new desktop publishing computer your students were always using, and sure enough, she found the envelope inside a notebook next to the computer. What a relief!
Fast forward 35 years and neither the excitement or the drama are necessary any more. Every employee in the large suburban school district gets an email indicating that their payroll check statement is ready. The amount will be direct deposited into employee accounts on either the 15th or the last day of the month, but the statement is always mailed out two to five days ahead of time. No drama and not much excitement.
The payroll solution platform should be a reliable and consistent resource for employees and a fast and efficient system for employers. Payroll service companies, unlike the payroll clerks of the past, should not be scrambling to generate statements or payments. With everything automated, a payroll provider can simply dictate what days statements and checks should be provided.
A well defined and personalized payroll solution software package can mange and record payments for full time employees, as well as part time temporary workers and contractors. Whether the result is a growing total of payments that are due to contract writers once a week, or a complicated combination salary and commission statement for an entire staff of computer programmers and sales people, the payroll solution option is easy to administer and to update.
Although easily automated, the payroll process can be a potential problem for small business owners. Because the system is complex and is determined by many factors, including state income tax codes, mistakes can be risky and expensive. For this reason, many small businesses tend to contract their payroll services out to companies who are experts in the payroll process platform.
While large corporations may have entire staffs for the payroll process, it is often more cost efficient for smaller business to outsource their payroll tasks. The decision to outsource payroll can save time and money, especially during the busy months of tax season. In fact, small businesses with fewer than 50 employees will likely benefit by outsourcing all human relations and payroll needs.
If you are ready to make the payroll process a system of no drama or stress, consider outsourcing your company’s payroll solutions.

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