Cash Counting Machines Provide Speed, Accuracy and Security

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For any business that deals with a high volume of cash or cheques, the new generation of cash counting machines with high speed scanners can help you to improve efficiencies, reduce potential losses, increase security, and improve cash flow. Cash management systems can deal with large volumes of cash, coin or cheques quickly and accurately. These are time-consuming tasks that high quality scanners can perform way better than a human can. They also free up staff for other and more important projects.

A new generation of cash counting machines
High speed scanners have transformed cash counting machines. Cash counters and coin sorters have been around for a long time. The earliest counters that could count stacks of notes or coins, as opposed to individual notes or coins, were introduced in the U.K. in the early 1980s. Money counter machines do exactly that: they count money quickly and accurately, in stacks of notes or even loose coins.
Many counters can count notes in several different currencies, and also identify any counterfeit notes. With high speed scanners, some automated teller machines can now accept cash deposits without using envelopes with the amount of the deposit written on them. The scanners can identify the denomination of the bills as well as their quantity. Some ATMs can even read the amounts written on cheques, eliminating the need to fill out a deposit envelope.

Does your business need a cash counting machine?
Speed, accuracy and security are the most important reasons why businesses opt for installation of cash counting machines with high speed scanners. With 100% assured accuracy for cash transactions, cash counters allow your business to maintain accurate record keeping.
Money counting machines also save time, counting cash much faster than can be done by hand. Counting cash by hand is is slow and time consuming, and needs to be repeated several times to reach the correct number and to account for any human error while counting.

How to pick the right company to install money counters
If your business is ready to install money counters with high speed scanners, you want to be sure to pick the right company. A company that offers full service and support from installation to support to repairs won’t leave you in the lurch. Many offer annual service agreements with phone support, parts, travel and labour as well as scheduled preventative maintenance visits.
On site repair saves you time, and a company that really cares for its customers will also offer loaner equipment to temporarily replace your counting machine if it needs to be taken to the workshop for repairs.

Business owners who have invested in a counting machine are pleasantly surprised to find that it counts notes and coins in minutes, where it used to take them hours to count by hand. High speed scanners allow them to count accurately, and also pick out counterfeit notes. For installation, maintenance and repair of money counting machines, it’s best to pick a company that offers qualified tech services, and full after-sales support.

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