Does Your Business Still Have a Number of Customers Who Pay with Cash?

Cash recycling system

It is a memory of your mother that has always made you smile.
Your mom loved to count and sort coins. It may have started as a fascination for looking for wheat pennies, but for what ever reason, she enjoyed the process of counting coins. When you suggested that she might like a battery operated coin sorter and counter one year for Christmas your mother indicated that might be a good gift. After she started using that coin sorter and counter gift, however, you could still find her recounting the coins herself.
Stacks of pennies counted to 10 and then grouped together to make 100; stacks of nickels into 20; stacks of dimes into 10; and then stacks of quarters into four. The way she counted and sorted was always the same, but you were never quite sure what the goal was. It may have been to weed out those more rare coins like a wheat penny, or it may have been a count to see if she had reached a predetermined goal. In hind sight, it may have simply been a way to touch, sort, and feel the money that she never had quite enough of. Perhaps she thought that if she surrounded herself in these coins she would never again find herself in the spot where the lights or the phone would be shut off.
For these reasons, the site of the cash recycling machines and the coin sorter and counters that you use everyday at work never fail to remind you of your mother. Although you are now in a career that requires you to help employees pay special attention to the exact count of the bills, checks, and coins that they collect every day, you still let your mind wander back to your mom.
Many Businesses Rely on Money Counter Machines and Cash Recycling Systems
In a time when it can appear that the majority of business transactions rely on the swipe of a card, it is still necessary for many businesses to make use of coin sorter and counter technology, as well as a variety of cash recycling systems. Just as the swipe of a card can eliminate the potential for human error when it comes to the processing of digital payments, so too can cash and coin counters.
From a cash recycler that allows for the money that comes in early in the day to provide the change for transactions later in the day to a cash counter and sorter that can record a readable digital total of the days profits, technology can make on site payment systems more accurate and more secure.
Businesses that deal with cash transactions are susceptible to loss that occurs through error and loss that occurs through theft. A cash counting machine, however, can eliminate both of these problems. In fact, cash counting machines allow a business to maintain 100% assured accuracy for cash transactions. In addition to guaranteeing accuracy, a cash counting machine allows employees to build and maintain customer relations without fearing these conversations will lead to a monetary mistake.
Additionally, one of the major reasons businesses and companies use money counters is because of the amount of time it saves them. When employees are not slowed down by the exchange of accepting payments and making change they can serve more customers in a more timely manner. Also, the cash counter machine eliminates the need for two employees to oversee the counting and recounting of money at the beginning and ending of every shift. Saving both time and money are major advantages of using an automated counting machine.
Avoiding Loss Through the Use of Coin and Currency Counting Machines
In addition to providing accuracy, coin and currency counting machines can help businesses limit loss caused by employee theft and the acceptance of counterfeit bills. A major advantage of a coin and currency counting machine is that employees do not have access to either bills or coins once they have been accepted. And while it is in a business’s best interest to avoid employee theft, these currency machines are also able to detect counterfeit money, one of the oldest and most common crimes in history.

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