The Best Product Display Ideas For The Growing Business Venture

Product stand

Putting your best foot forward is the name of the game when it comes to business. Doesn’t even matter what you’re selling or to who! With so many brands competing for attention on any given day, it goes a long way to make sure any customer who glances your way will have a reason to stay. This is where your product display ideas come in. Your store should be easy to find, easy to navigate and professional to people of all backgrounds, budgets and interests. Without effective acrylic display risers or clear price tag sleeves you and your business run the risk of looking like a chump among your more professional peers.

Did You Know?

There are many large and small facts that slip under the radar concerning customer habits, preferences and dislikes. Anywhere between six and 10 purchases in a store can be classified as an impulse buy, meaning an in-store experience can be the most influential part of the advertising method. Additional studies have seen shoppers making up to 80% of their purchase decisions in-store. When it comes to browsing, smartphones and tables are rising to the forefront as the most commonly used shopping resource.

How Many Advertisements Do People See Per Day?

We’re bombarded with advertisements every time we go outside. Even when we’re inside! Consumers, on average, are exposed to a whopping 3,000 advertisements and promotional messages every single day. Billboards, YouTube commercials, television advertisements, banners, signs, you name it! According to 2014 data, there are around 30,000 SKUs launched every single year. That’s short for ‘stock keeping unit’, meaning there’s plenty of business being conducted on a daily basis. How can you keep up?

What Should My Business Sign Accomplish?

The best sign is one that can communicate multiple things at once. It should show what your brand is capable of, help customers find your place of business and offer an appealing first impression simultaneously. Anything less is just a waste of everyone’s time! A consumer will stick with a brand in three to seven seconds, meaning every little bit counts if you want to create a client base that will last. Brush up on your color theory and do some digging to find the best ways to advertise your business.

What Are Common Pitfalls Businesses Make?

Avoid these frequent mistakes with product display ideas and you’ll already be off on a better foot. Several studies, including a notable one from Brigham Young University, found that merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 20%. Overall, full-priced merchandise performed 18% better on average. A clear plastic hanging sign or display flyers holders help customers navigate your shop much better, encouraging them to buy instead of leaving for your competitors.

How Can My Business Stand Out?

Your product display ideas should combine a blend of traditional pragmatism and new concepts. Your store sign should be easy to find and placed in a location with a high amount of foot traffic to encourage new customers as well as remind old visitors. The cost to reach 1,000 adults or so with a year-round sign was between three and 37 cents. Compare this to a 30-second commercial, in which the cost was closer to $4.05. Less truly is more and with acrylic pedestal display stands and deli signs, you can lean further to the latter!

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