Four Benefits Of CRM Software For Auto Dealerships

In today’s world, technology drives everything. That includes global software. The global enterprise software market will exceed $500 billion by 2022 with North America and Europe leading that growth. According to Contegix research on enterprise software users, 47 percent of companies plan to increase their spending on software designed to improve customer service and virtual help desk initiatives.

That investment in software extends to the automotive industry. In the coming years, it’s likely that automotive companies will be looking for new ways to automate automotive software and make things easier.

One way companies might look to automate automotive software is through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Such a system can be beneficial to auto dealerships everywhere. The point of the system is to store customer data and management relationships with customers. A CRM system can offer some of the following benefits.

  • Creating a Plan: Rather than miss out on potential sales, CRM software helps dealerships create a plan of action to sale to customers based on the different stages of the sales process. Salespeople are less likely to forget a step or a task with a CRM system to guide them.
  • Scheduling: Work overload can be a serious problem. When employees fear they don’t have enough time to complete their tasks, overall productivity decreases by up to 68 percent. A CRM system can help cut down on paperwork and lost paperwork by helping to schedule appointments and other tasks.
  • Test drives: Rather than being overwhelmed by requests for test drives, CRM software allows customers to fill out forms online to make a test drive appointment and the CRM software allows dealerships to easily keep track of all those appointments.
  • Personalization: Perhaps the most important thing that CRM software helps with is to personalize experiences for customers. New customers are more likely to make a purchase if they feel they can trust the salesman and their needs are being met. A CRM system can help dealerships personalize e-mails and keep track of important dates that are significant to the customer such as birthdays. Each customer is unique and CRM software helps make each customer feel important.

Finding the right CRM software can be of great benefit to a dealership.

Another way companies will look to automate automotive software is through auto loan software. American consumers owe about 26 percent of their income each year paying down their debts and an auto loan is no exception. The average American auto payment on a new vehicle loan is almost $500 per month, so auto loan software is important for keeping track of due dates and payments.

In the future, it’s likely that there were be more steps taken to automate automotive software as technology improves and dependence on technology increases. That will likely extend to bill collection software, debt collection management system and auto loan software.

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