Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

If you have decided to sell your home, then you know that doing it as fast as possible is the way to go. No one enjoys having to leave or tidy up every time the agent brings prospective buyers to check it out.

Zillow, a real estate data company states that the best time to sell a home is within the first two weeks of May. Why? Because homes listed for sale during that time, sell faster and at a higher price.

That said, how fast you can sell your home and at what rate depends on several other factors. Here are some tricks for selling your home fast.

Have a Selling Strategy

You need to have a selling strategy in place before putting up a sign in your yard to let the public know that your house is for sale. Ideally, you may want to indicate that any potential buyer should contact the owner directly but only if you are confident in your ability to publicize and negotiate the price. You may also want to note that this selling strategy may not be the best if you want a faster sale and a higher price for your house. One of the tricks for selling your home fast is getting a real estate agent to do it for you. Ultimately, you should be confident in the strategy you pick as switching from one to the other may be a turn-off for prospective buyers.

Enlist Professional Services

Another one of the tricks for selling your home fast is getting a real estate agent to do it for you. Schedule interviews to help you determine the right candidate for the job.

As you conduct your interviews, consider the candidate’s level of experience selling houses. This is because you want an agent who is conversant with the market.

Another area where you may need a professional is for your roofing services in case you need to renovate.

With that, you can be sure that your house will be off the market and at a good price too.

Clean the House

Imagine going to view a house that you are considering buying and finding it dirty. Honestly, that can be quite a turn-off. If you cannot clean the house yourself, you can hire a cleaning company to do it for you unless you want potential buyers to think less of it.

Some of the key places you need to keep clean include the bathroom, kitchen countertop, shelves, floors, and inside cabinets.

Depersonalize Your Home

Perhaps you have not thought of this, but potential buyers for your home need to view it as theirs and not yours. In that regard, you want to take down any family photos or things of that nature.

You can sell your home fast by ensuring that it looks like a neutral territory rather than a personalized one.

If you have to have décor on the walls, let it be neutral art or nothing at all.

Lighting is good

Maybe you prefer to have your windows and blinds closed even when indoors, but one of the tricks for selling your home fast is letting light in.

As such, you want to open window drapes and blinds to let natural lighting in. If any of the rooms in the house lack natural light, you may want to place lamps or any other light source strategically to set the right ambiance.

You may also want to leave the lights on and the windows open whenever you are away from your house in case potential buyers want to view it when you are away.


No one wants to buy a small house. Well, most people prefer spacious houses. Therefore, if your house is cluttered and has massive furniture, you may want to do something about it. One of the best tricks for selling your house fast is making it appear spacious. To do that, you want to get rid of any knick knacks on surfaces and store as many of your furniture pieces away. You can also remove your appliances, minimize the contents of your closets, and clear your bookshelf if you have one.

Use Staging

You may have a great sense of style, but your décor and furniture may make it difficult for potential buyers to visualize your home as theirs.

One of the tricks for selling your home fast involves a bit of staging. That means outsourcing furniture and décor to make the house more presentable or even doing some carpet cleaning to ensure that the space looks pristine.

Do that and watch as the house gets multiple buyers interested and willing to pay the asking price or even more.

Invest in Photography

The world is now digitally inclined so you can expect most prospective homeowners to search for their ideal homes online.

That tells you that you need to have clear and beautiful pictures on the internet for anyone interested to see. This is one of the tricks for selling your home fast.

Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your home so that it is portrayed in the best light online.

Consider a 3D Tour

The world is currently facing a pandemic and because of that, 3D tours are gradually becoming necessary for properties in the market.

Since most people are unable or unwilling to tour different properties, it is becoming a common occurrence to see people buying homes that they did not view physically.

One of the tricks for selling your home fast during such times is having a 3D tour done. Nonetheless, you want to keep in mind that such a tour can expose the flaws in your property that you could have hidden had it been a photo.

That means that you need to clean and tidy your house before embarking on the 3D tour.

The Exterior Matters

It is said that first impressions matter. Before a potential buyer gets into your house to view it, they will see the outside. It, therefore, makes sense to spruce up the exterior of the house and you can start with tree maintenance.

A garage door replacement may also be necessary if the one you have is old and rugged.

Since you will never get a second chance to redo first impressions, you may want to re-paint that picket fence, mow the front yard, or install a new mailbox. The landscape design of your home can play a huge part in the decision-making of a potential buyer.

You may also want to leave your outdoor lights on because you never can tell if a potential buyer will drive by your house when it is dark.

Spruce Up the Entryway

After ensuring that the exterior of your house looks impeccable, you want to move to your house’s entryway because that is the first area they get to see as soon as the door is opened.

Among the tricks for selling your home fast is ensuring that the entryway looks as welcoming as possible. You can do things like decluttering it and keeping the foyer clean.

The floor also needs to be clean and the walls neutral and painted.

Keep the Interior Neutral

You may be surprised what a new coat of paint will do to the interior of your home. Maybe you had brick-inspired wallpaper in your living room or you had your son’s bedroom painted blue.

While that may have worked for you, you should not assume that the next homeowner will love it. One of the tricks for selling your home fast is having it neutral.

This allows prospective owners to pick their style and incorporate it into the home seamlessly. Therefore, instead of having a red accent wall, consider painting your entire space in cream, white, or gray.

Update your Home

If your house has more of a vintage feel, you may want to make the necessary updates because more often than not, people will want a modern house.

For instance, you can upgrade your wooden kitchen countertop to a marble one or have an electric fireplace instead of the conventional one that uses firewood. Cabinet remodeling may also have to be part of the upgrade if whatever you have in your kitchen is outdated.

Now, the updates required for your home may cost as little as a couple of dollars if all you need are local plumbers or a significant amount of money for paying contractors but in the end, you will reap the returns. This is one of the tricks for selling your home fast.

Do the Necessary Repairs

After living in your house for a while, some things may need to be repaired. It could be the floors, faucets, or even the ceiling.

Sometimes, you will even require electrical repair services. Whatever it is, just ensure that everything in the house is functioning properly before you put it up for sale.

Be Flexible

Most potential buyers are likely to view houses on sale when their schedules open up. Usually, that would be during weekends or in the evenings. Moreover, they may want to view the house right after seeing it online especially if they are competing with many people for it. One of the tricks for selling your home fast is being flexible as far as the viewings. If you can show your home with little or no notice, chances are that you will get a buyer fast. The selling process can be tiresome, and even more so when buyers begin scheduling showings and you need to vacate the premises. But it could be worse… there could be no buyers at all. When selling your house, it is important to say yes to every single showing request, even if it means missing lunch.

Make your Pricing Reasonable

No seller wants to sell their home at a throwaway price but the last thing you want to do is set a ridiculous price for your home.

Most agents and buyers will do their due diligence before approaching you so they probably know the value of your home even before you tell them the asking price.

If you overprice your home, it is likely to stay unoccupied longer even after bringing the price down simply because potential buyers assume it has flaws.

The best course of action would be to price the home correctly or on the lower side.

Place a Deal on the Table

One of the best tricks for selling your home fast is making the deal sweeter. What does that mean? Well, you could for instance offer to cover some of the closing costs especially in a down market.

Most potential buyers will be after deals so it would be in your best interest to make them feel like they are getting one.

You could also offer an exchangeable home warranty that provides discounted HVAC repair service to ensure that the house is always under the right temperatures. That way, the buyer gets peace of mind knowing that their home is protected.

Basic Takeaways

Here are more takeaways to help you close in on your sale.

Focus on the business aspect and keep your emotions at bay when selling your home.

Enlisting the services of a real estate agent may cost you more, but it will take the guesswork out of the selling process.

Set a reasonable price for the home taking into account what time of the year it is especially if you decide to sell it on your own.

Disclose any pertinent issues with your property and do not skimp on the visual aspect of marketing

Selling your home should not be a hassle. If you want to upgrade your home, or need to move to a new place because of life events like a new job or divorce, you may find yourself wanting to sell your house faster than usual.

All the tips here can help you speed up the process so go ahead and make the most out of them.

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