Tips for Passing the Series 79 Exam

If you’re considering a career in finance, you’ll likely have to pass specific FINRA licensing exams in order to trade and conduct various activities. These exams can be quite difficult if you don’t prepare for them. Further, taking licensing exams can get expensive, costing hundreds of dollars.

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With proper preparation, you can greatly increase your chances of passing the Series 79 exam and other licensing exams too. Before taking an exam, you’ll want to study. You can sign up for classes online, and in some areas, you can even attend Series 79 prep classes in person.

You can also order Series 79 study guides. These guides typically allow you to craft a studying schedule that works best for you. That said, you’ll want to start preparing at least a week before the exam. Giving yourself more time, say a month, is also wise.

The Series 79 Exam takes up to 5 hours to complete. During the exam, you’ll have to answer 185 questions. The exam covers data collection, financial analysis, MandA processes, deal structures, valuation, capital markets, and various other topics.

Obviously, the topics covered are vast, which can make it difficult to prep for the Series 79 exam. The right Series 79 prep books and classes will help you focus.

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