The 9 Steps of Selling an Orthodontic Practice

Whether you are an owner or you have a client who tells you, “I’m ready to sell my orthodontic practice,” this video will walk you through the steps that it takes to successfully sell an orthodontic practice. There is a nine-step process that is outlined in this video.

This video can help any owner or agent work through the process of selling an orthodontic practice. The presenter helps the seller and the agent to better understand the process and get to a successful sale.

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Some of the information contained in this video addresses the reason why you want to sell, and how much advance time it may take to get to a successful sale.

This video will help answer a lot of questions about the process of selling a practice who the target audience may be, tips for preparing documentation, and a lot more. If you are a dental professional or an agent that works with one, you should watch this video. It is chockful of highly valuable information.

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