Household Items to Sell for Money When You’re Really in a Bind

When you find yourself in a financial bind you can likely get out of that bind by selling items you already have. There are household items to sell for money in every household. It can be hard to part with some items. But try to remember that once you do and you get over the financial hump, you can buy them again. Take a look at some household items to sell for money below to help ease your financial burdens.

Clear Out the Closets

If you are like most people, you likely have closets full of clothing that you don’t wear. Those clothes can be an easy way to generate some cash when you need it most. Sell used clothes online or take them to a consignment shop. They do not have to be designer duds to be valuable to someone willing to pay.

Sort through your closet and get rid of anything that does not fit anymore, that you have not worn the season before, or that you have just grown tired of. To get top dollar, wash, dry, and iron the clothing before you post it or bring it to the thrift store. Good condition clothing will sell much quicker and for the best price. It is worth the effort to clean the clothing and iron it so it looks its best.

While you are in the closet, don’t stop with just the clothing. Pull out shoes that you no longer wear, or ones that you bought for a special occasion. Purses, bags, wallets, and more can all become part of the “for sale” pile. Bets, scarves, outerwear, all of them can be sold. There is a huge market for used clothing and other used personal wear goods.

Clothing is not actually a “household item to sell for money” but it is goods that most people have too many of and it is located in your household. Selling used clothing has two main benefits; it can generate cash, and it will clean out your closets of all the clutter.

Check your Garage

For most people, the garage becomes a “catch-all” storage place for all the things that you are not using or that will not fit in the house. You can find many household items to sell for money in your garage that you likely forgot were even there.

That old bed frame propped up in the corner of your garage can earn you about $50. Go through all of your “seasonal” décor boxes to see what you can part with. The closer to the holiday you are, the more money you can earn by selling seasonal décor.

You can find a treasure trove of household items to sell for money in the garage. Do you have any old auto body parts lying around for that project you never completed? Selling auto parts, old equipment, tools, and more can give your bank account just the boost that it needs.

If you are like many people, you likely have auto accessories from the auto accessories store that are still in the packaging. Sell whatever you have had for more than a couple of months that you intended to use but have not gotten around to. You need the money more than you need the item if you never installed it or used it and have had it for months.

Sell Your Car

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you must choose between driving your car or paying your rent or mortgage, sell the car. Sell your car for cash and get caught up on your bills. It is far better to have a place to live than it is to have a vehicle to drive. The market is hot right now for used cars.

If you are lucky enough to have a couple of cars, sell one and keep the other. If you have a “junk car” sitting around, there are people out there that will pay cash for cars even if they are not running. You could even take your junk car to the scrap yard yourself and get paid.

Scour your Kitchen

There are household items to sell in your kitchen that you may not even have considered as a potential income generator. Mugs and coffee cups that are in good condition can help to raise some fast cash. The more unique the mugs and cups are, the more you can earn.

Dinnerware is also easy to sell. Good quality dinnerware can fetch a nice price. Look around your kitchen and decide what you can live without. Small appliances are always a big seller. That stand mixer that you only use during the holidays will sell fast. Consider all the gadgets that are crowding your drawers that you don’t really use and put them up for sale.

Check your Living Room Décor

Big sellers from the living room area include baskets, candle holders, metal wall art, canvas wall art, and other decorative items. Area rugs can easily earn you between $50 and $100 depending on the size and condition. It can be hard to part with certain items, but think of it this way, you get to buy new items down the road and redecorate.

Sofas, chairs, loveseats, end tables, coffee tables, and more from your living room area can all help you to overcome your financial emergency. Giving up things now can help to relieve financial stress.

Examine your Bedroom

Old bedding sells really well. Those extra bed sets that are sitting around you can turn into cash. Follow the same steps you followed for selling old clothes. Wash, dry, and iron old bedding to make it look its best before you go to sell it. People will pay top dollar for bedding that looks well cared for.

Look around your bedroom for other items that you can sell. Lamps sell well. Area rugs sell well. A comfy chaise lounge will also bring in a nice sum. Consider all the things in your bedroom that you can live without, then get busy listing them.

Consider Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is not what you would consider a household item, but it is very valuable and can help to ease financial problems quickly. Before you sell to a jewelry pawn shop (which is a quick way to sell) check out other sources that will also buy your gold jewelry to ensure you get the best price. It is hard to part with jewelry that you love and you certainly do not want to get less than it is worth.

A private gold buyer or even a gold buying company may pay you more. Selling the jewelry privately to an online buyer may also get you more money for your jewelry. When you sell to a gold buying entity or to a pawn shop, they are not considering the style or craftsmanship of the piece, they are paying you for the weight of the gold. A private buyer will consider the style and might pay you extra.

Sort through Kids Toys and Games

Used toys and board games can be sold. If you have some “vintage” toys, all the better. There are a huge number of collectors out there that will pay top dollar for vintage toys and board games. Of course, even gently used modern games and toys are great sellers. Clean up any toys or games you want to part with, make sure all the parts and pieces are there and list them.

Don’t Forget the Baby Gear

One of the best household items to sell for money you will find in your house is anything baby gear related. Baby gear is always a hot seller because people are always having babies. Old cribs, strollers, baby toys, clothes, high chairs, the list is endless when it comes to what baby gear is going to sell.

You can sell just about any type of baby gear that is not being used any longer. You can sell baby stuff online or even take it to the thrift shop and sell it there.

Selling Tips

Putting a little effort into the household items to sell for money will pay off. Make sure everything is clean and looks its best before you post. If there are missing parts or damage to the items, be honest. It is always best to disclose any issues so that the buyer knows what they are getting. Beware of anyone that is offering you a check or another payment method that can be reversed.

Advertise the items as “cash only” sales. Do not invite people to your home to pick up items. Meet in a public space that is well-lit to avoid any problems. Most people are great to do transactions with, but you should always be careful because you never know who you may run into when you are selling goods.

Know your audience. For example, if you are selling baby items, it probably is not a great idea to list the items on a hunting site that specializes in hunting gear classifieds. If you want to sell things quickly, sell them locally. If you go to one of the larger classified selling sites, you can wait weeks to sell the goods, and you will also have to ship the goods, which cuts into your profit. Stay local. Social media platforms are a great place to spread the word about the household items to sell for the money that you are selling.

Moving Forward

Getting your financial picture in order must be a priority. Once you get past the immediate financial crisis, you will have to come up with a plan to ensure moving forward, you can get on a positive path. Consider a timeshare exit if that is eating up your income. Make changes. There are steps you can take that will help you get on the right track with your finances.

Take a closer look at your budget and spending habits. Evaluate how it is you got into the position where you had to consider searching for household items for sale around your home to get out of a financial bind.

If your income does not meet your financial needs, consider getting a part-time job to clear up some of the debt. If you do not want to commit to another job where you have to show up at a certain time, consider freelancing. Use the talents that you already have to increase your income. There are plenty of ways to make extra money right from home if you have a specific skill set. You can also work part-time for one of the delivery apps or driving apps. Get creative in generating more weekly income to help avoid financial hardships in the future.

Financial problems can quickly snowball out of control. Many people find that clearing the slate of old debt is the best way to get their financial life together. Bankruptcy is a serious decision, but it can also be a decision that gives you the fresh start that you need. Make an appointment with a bankruptcy lawyer to learn more about the process and if it is the right choice for you.

Making changes now will pay off in the future. Finding household items to sell is a great “band-aid”, but it is not a solution for the long term. You can ensure, moving forward, that your financial picture is brighter by getting serious about your finances. If you need money right now to pay a bill, unexpected car repairs, medical costs, or any other financial emergency look around for household items to sell for money to solve the immediate need, then work on your finances for the future.


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