How Much Does It Cost to Get Alcoholism Treatment?

Alcoholism is expensive. When a person suffering from alcohol dependency hits rock bottom and is compelled to seek treatment, the cost can be daunting. Of course, the cost of successful treatment is far less expensive than that of an untreated case of alcohol dependency. Still, those who need treatment deserve to know the cost.

To that end, the substance abuse treatment professionals at TheClearingNW made this informative video to help you understand the cost of treatment.

The Cost of Alcoholism Treatments

In some cases, certain programs can be free to the patient. These are the ones that are subsidized by the government or charitable organizations.

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These are the programs that tend to cost upwards of $10,000. In the tier above that, a lot of patients are paying with the help of specialty insurance programs. In both of the above cases, the programs will be group-based, 12-step programs designed to function on low-tier payment programs.

In the tier above that, patients enter into the $40,000 and above range. These are generally paid for using private pay or private insurance. With programs at and above this tier, patients can expect much more personalized and private care with more specialized professionals and advanced treatments.


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